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Liberal Media: Seattle is the First City to Fight Back against Trump, Anti-Sanctuary Cities Policy

Seattle, Washington, hardly a moderate or conservative city, filed a lawsuit against the federal government (i.e. the Trump administration) over “sanctuary city” status and federal funding. Seattle believes it has a right to federal funding even if it does not obey federal immigration law. The Trump administration said it will withhold federal funding from self-designated “sanctuary cities” such as Seattle.

NBC News [1] reported it, as did Politico [2] and Reuters [3].

The media citedĀ Seattle’s main point, which is that the Trump administration is violating the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution, or the states’ rights vs. federalism argument.

Yet, immigration is a federal issue, as the funding regarding immigration comes from the federal government, which is not mentioned by the liberal media (and it rebuts Seattle’s argument).