Accuracy in Media

Compared to Barack Obama, President Donald Trump is getting lambasted by the liberal media for his successes and failures, as if President Trump is the only president to have setbacks in his first one hundred days in office.

CBS News compared Trump to the likes of Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton when facing opposition in his first one hundred days in office. Obama was compared to FDR and how he had the same demeanor as FDR’s ‘fireside chats’ via radio.

CNN wrote a piece on how President Trump is not fulfilling his campaign promises to lift up the middle class from stagnation. There is no CNN piece on any pro-middle-class agenda from Obama in 2009.

Meanwhile, the likes of TIME Magazine praised Obama’s first 100 days with a day-by-day summary (which has not been afforded to President Donald Trump).

The liberal media is still oh-so-biased against President Trump.

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