Accuracy in Media

The liberal media estimated between one to two million people participated in the anti-Donald Trump Women’s March on Washington protests that took place across the country and some rallies in foreign cities.

Here is what ABC News claimed more than one million people attended the march, which contradicted other estimates. In other words, it’s either one million or it isn’t. Also, ABC News felt they had to point out that no arrests were made, in stark contrast to post-Inauguration arrests and property damage the day before:

The Washington rally alone attracted over 500,000 people according to city officials. It was easily one of the biggest demonstrations in the city’s history, and as night fell, not a single arrest was reported.

USA Today claimed 2.6 million people participated in the march at the various locations and did not discuss in detail how two pro-abortion organizations, Planned Parenthood and EMILY’s List, backed the march.

The New York Times called the so-called ‘pussy hats’ of the protesters ‘sly’. That doesn’t sound balanced, does it?

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