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Hillary Clinton, the losing Democratic Party presidential candidate in 2016 to then-underdog GOP challenger Donald Trump, is going on a book tour. The tour is to highlight her book, “What Happened,” and to apparently relitigate the results of her Election Day loss.

What’s lost in all the coverage is that Clinton’s book promoters are charging more than $2,000 for a VIP package, which includes:

The “platinum VIP ticket” to Clinton’s talks in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal costs $2,375.95 (or 2,967 Canadian dollars), Fox News reports. For those who can afford it, the ticket brings two front-row seats, a photo with Clinton backstage and a signed book.

Imagine if John McCain did the same after losing to Barack Obama in 2008 — would the media cover it the same way?

Also lost in the coverage is that this is Hillary Clinton’s first trip to Wisconsin, which she skipped in her 2016 campaign. Irony, much?

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