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Liberal Media Outlet Laments Week of Hell under Trump

Slate, which is a liberal media outlet, is no fan of Donald Trump and their weekly update [1] illustrated that. Here’s one example of what Slate said about Trump’s week, but in particular, Trump’s adviser Steve Bannon:

The rise of Bannon

Former Breitbart [2] CEO and champion of white nationalism Steve Bannon will sit on the National Security Council’s Principals Committee [3] if Trump gets his way.

Political appointees are usually kept out of the key committee. Sen. John McCain called the shake-up a “radical departure [4] from any National Security Council in history.”

The new role illustrated Bannon’s immense influence [5] in Trump’s White House [6]. According to a Politico report, he’s telling the president he can keep his campaign promises and positions himself as an enemy of the Washington establishment [7]. The Washington Post’s David Ignatius [8] calls Bannon “the intellectual center of the new administration.”

That intellectual center evidently believes the United States’ only responsibility is to itself [9]. Needless to say, many are worried [10].