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Slate, which is a liberal media outlet, is no fan of Donald Trump and their weekly update illustrated that. Here’s one example of what Slate said about Trump’s week, but in particular, Trump’s adviser Steve Bannon:

The rise of Bannon

Former Breitbart CEO and champion of white nationalism Steve Bannon will sit on the National Security Council’s Principals Committee if Trump gets his way.

Political appointees are usually kept out of the key committee. Sen. John McCain called the shake-up a “radical departure from any National Security Council in history.”

The new role illustrated Bannon’s immense influence in Trump’s White House. According to a Politico report, he’s telling the president he can keep his campaign promises and positions himself as an enemy of the Washington establishment. The Washington Post’s David Ignatius calls Bannon “the intellectual center of the new administration.”

That intellectual center evidently believes the United States’ only responsibility is to itself. Needless to say, many are worried.

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