Accuracy in Media

The liberal media seemingly mourned the passing of the communist dictator Fidel Castro over the past week, which painted a stark contrast to the celebrations of Cuban exiles in Little Havana, a Cuban exile community in Miami, Florida. Headlines such as “World leaders bid farewell to Fidel Castro” (USA Today) and “From a parade of reign leaders, a glowing farewell to Fidel Castro” (Washington Post) do not match the sentiments of Cuban exiles, rejoicing at the end of Cuba’s longtime dictator.

Here are the headlines of the celebrations of Cuban exiles and their families in Little Havana:

  • Bloomberg: “In Miami’s Little Havana, Castro’s death sparks celebration”
  • CBS News: “Fidel Castro’s death celebrated in Little Havana: ‘Satan, Fidel is now yours'”
  • Chicago Tribune: “Little Havana erupts in joy on news of Castro’s death: ‘Cuba si! Castro no!'”
  • CNN: “Crowds flood streets of Miami’s Little Havana to cheer Castro’s death”
  • NBC 6 (local): “Little Havana ice cream shop sells ‘Burn in Hell Fidel’ flavor”
  • USA Today: “Miami’s Little Havana celebrates Fidel Castro’s death”

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