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Liberal Media Narratives Crash

When President Trump came to the CIA [1] and received the type of ovation he usually gets at rallies of his supporters, his appearance blew away yet another media narrative [2] several weeks in the making on his alleged war on the intelligence community.

Media narratives disintegrate with such regularity that their disintegration in the information age is rapidly becoming a dog-bites-man story. For you younger folk, the origin of that analogy is this: in days of yore, old-time editors would tell their cub reporters that “man bites dog” is a story while “dog bites man” is not.

Hearkening back to those days of yesteryear, here are a couple of other media narratives of days gone by that fell apart when reality reared its ugly head:

You would think that with the regularity with which such “stories” fall apart, that some in the media might try the novel approach of actually reporting news.