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Too often, the liberal media (and social media for that matter) jump on one comment without context. This time, it’s new Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson, a noted neurosurgeon.

In his comments to employees at HUD, Ben Carson spoke of the American Dream, of immigration and his vision for the department. Yet, the oft-most reported quote was the following:

“There were numerous people who were brought over here on slaves ships and it is a horrible thing,” Carson said. “I’m not saying that it wasn’t a horrible thing, but what I am saying is that those people were strong. They were strong-willed. They didn’t just give up and die like many of the other people who they tried to enslave. And one of the reasons that they didn’t just give up and die is because they used the brain that God gave us and they figured that a time would come when there would be freedom. A time would come when their children could achieve.”

In context, it has some credence as immigration is the movement of peoples, but it typically is voluntary immigration of some sort. Reasons for immigration in American history ranged from the Irish potato famine, the Holocaust, the search for land and gold out West, etc. Technically, Carson’s remark was correct in that slaves did immigrate to the U.S., even when it was forced and coerced. Also, it is not as if Carson said slavery was okay, in fact, he said it was “a horrible thing.” So why the outrage?

Yet, the HUD employees did not express outrage at the event, and were glad to take photos with the new HUD secretary after the event was over. It shows that the outrage was drubbed up by those not in attendance.

Here is what the HUD spokesman had to say about the much-circulated quote:

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