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If you read the liberal mainstream media headlines and their articles, it would appear that President Donald Trump has not condemned rising anti-Semitism. But, the opposite is true.

Here are several examples when President Trump has condemned anti-Semitism:

  • He tweeted that he disavowed former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, who was a white supremacist figure.
  • During a press conference over a week ago, Trump said he was “the least anti-Semitic person that you’re ever seen in your entire life.”
  • This past weekend while touring the new African-American history museum at the Smithsonian, Trump told the press, “anti-Semitism is horrible and it’s going to stop and it has to stop.”

Now, here are several headlines from the liberal media about Trump’s alleged refusal to condemn anti-Semitism:

  • Washington Post: Trump decries anti-Semitic acts as ‘horrible’ amid calls for stronger White House denunciations
  • The Hill: Anne Frank Center: Trump’s anti-Semitism response ‘too little, too late’
  • New York Times: Donald Trump’s Answer to Anti-Semitism You Don’t Want to Know
  • USA Today: Trump slams reporter for ‘repulsive’ question about anti-Semitism

However, the liberal media has also added the narrative that by not condemning anti-Semitism by name, President Trump is validating and excusing anti-Semitic acts. Does a sitting president have to condemn a violent ideology by name? This is eerily similar to conservatives railing against then-President Obama on refusing to use the phrase “radical Islam” to describe Islamic extremist violence.

He could have easily cleared up the matter by answering questions head-on, but then again, the liberal media is not a neutral party regarding Donald Trump.

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