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Liberal Media Ignores Women’s March Praising Convicted Cop Killer

Women’s March, the anti-Trump and left-wing protest movement, praised [1] a convicted cop killer, yet the liberal media did not consider it newsworthy on their online homepages. Assata Shakur, or formerly Joanne Chesimard, was praised by the group this past week:

The movement is famous for marching in Washington, D.C. with attendees dressed in costumes resembling female genitalia and having obscenely-worded signs, in addition to one of its leaders, Linda Sarsour, calling for a jihad against President Trump.

Despite this being newsworthy, the liberal media did not run a single article on the group’s praise of a cop killer on any of their online homepages on Monday after the news broke.

Go figure, ignoring how left-wing and anti-cop the Women’s March movement really is.