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It’s that time of year again. The liberal media rarely covers the annual March for Life, held each January in Washington, D.C. to rally around the pro-life argument to reverse the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision.

Instead, the media clamored to cover the anti-Donald Trump Women’s March on Washington, as if this is one of the largest marches D.C. has seen. But, the March for Life has marched in the District for decades and it isn’t a one-time event.

The March for Life, for starters, began on January 22, 1974 and has gone on since that day. According to the organization’s website, the largest march year was in 2009, with some hundreds of thousands of participants. But, every year has featured several thousands attendees, but it still does not get significant media coverage.

One of the only stories from the media last year was a Washington Post article, which mentioned how inclement and snowy weather made it difficult to get activists to the District of Columbia. The New York Times did not refer to the march by its name, which was blasted by multiple conservative-leaning outlets.

We at AIM could only find that the New York Times had only one ‘March for Life’ reference in their website’s search engine, which was a piece from 1981.

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