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Liberal Media Ignored NAACP Leader’s Disapproval of Removing Statues after Charlottesville Tragedy

Among all of the hot takes, outrage and grief after the Charlottesville rally-turned-deadly-incident, a measured take and viewpoint by a leader of a NAACP Pennsylvania chapter sought to restore calm. Esther Lee, chapter president of the NAACP in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, pointed [1] out that history is done and over with and it was tragic how someone died as a result of outrage over a statue:

“You know that’s history. That was in that point in time,” Lee said, according to WFMZ. [2] “You can’t eliminate what history is. So I disapprove with young people pulling down those statues.”

“A young woman died. Two officers were murdered in a plane crash and all for what?” Lee asked [2]. “Because somebody in their mind decided, ‘We don’t need to look at that anymore.’”

If only the liberal media took note from a reasonable and human viewpoint in the hubbub, instead of stirring the pot. Only the local station covered Lee’s remarks, with the mainstream media focusing on varying comments by the pundit class and politicians.