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Is it harassment, or not? A man found Ivanka Trump on a JetBlue flight in coach so he could go after her for her father’s presidential campaign. Daniel Goldstein is a gay lawyer and his husband, a professor at Hunter College, tweeted out Goldstein’s goal of finding Ivanka Trump.

Here are the liberal media headlines, where only three media outlets (out of ten cited here) used the word ‘harass’ or a variation of the word to describe the incident. Imagine if a liberal were the one being criticized aloud on a plane flight and the media coverage of it:

ABC News: “Ivanka Trump Verbally Confronted on Flight”

CBS News: “Ivanka Trump accosted by JetBlue passenger”

CNN: “Man removed from flight after allegedly harassing Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner”

Los Angeles Times: “Not-so-friendly skies: Passenger harasses Ivanka Trump on JetBlue flight”

New York Daily News: JetBlue passengers kicked off flight over Ivanka Trump complaints”

NBC News: “Passengers removed from JetBlue flight in Ivanka Trump incident”

TIME: “JetBlue passengers kicked off flight for harassing Ivanka Trump”

Wall Street Journal: “Airline passengers ejected after Ivanka Trump incident”

Washington Post: “Passenger who confronted Ivanka Trump gets kicked off Jet Blue flight”

USA Today: “Ivanka Trump and kids berated on by unruly passenger”

Note: Emphasis added to headlines

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