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The liberal media was never a fan of President Donald Trump, as the 2016 campaign showed, and they continued that anti-Trump sentiment to the current day, if not during the duration of Trump’s presidency.

This time, since the American Health Care Act (AHCA) failed to get enough votes and was withdrawn by Speaker Paul Ryan, the liberal media went and claimed that Trump failed as a negotiator. He may have failed to get his party behind him on this bill, but it is his first major negotiation and it is too early to call him a failure, three months into his presidency. Why not take a look at Obama’s failed eight years as a negotiator, for comparison?

Here’s what the liberal media said about Trump:

  • NBC News: How Trump the dealmaker failed on health care
  • CNN: Trump’s art of no deal: Find someone to blame
  • CBS News: Health care bill vote failure reveals Trump’s dealmaking limitations

Yet, the liberal media¬†failed to point out that Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, was also a failure of a negotiator and had eight years to hone his craft as one. Obama did not negotiate the most unpopular law in the land, Obamacare, with Republicans, and in the elections since it was passed by the Democratic Party, politicians have seen how unpopular the law has been. Obama also failed to negotiate a cease-fire in Syria after drawing a “red-line” for the Russians and Syrians, which they summarily ignored. Obama’s famous ‘Russia Reset’ was a failure as the Russians ignored their handshake agreement with the Obama administration.

If Trump is a failed negotiator, Obama is also a failed negotiator by the same standard.

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