Accuracy in Media

Under the hashtag #NoBillNoVote, Democrats in the House of Representatives staged a sit-in protest over gun control, preventing normal business to be conducted.

  • ABC News’ headline was “Democrats Staging Sit-In on House Floor to Protest Inaction on Guns.” Doesn’t that sound one-sided?
  • New York Times reported that the GOP quickly shifted the session to a recess to let the Democrats hold their protest among themselves, without TV coverage. It meant that only reporters and a livestream Periscipe account, not TV cameras, could relay what was happening.
  • Washington Post recited the oft-used “assault weapons” moniker and didn’t mention how due process is involved in denying gun owners their Second Amendment rights.
  • CBS News noted how passionate the Democrats were when speaking about gun control. (Wonder if they’d use the same language to describe conservative positions, huh?)
  • NBC News said that Georgia Democrat John Lewis, a former civil rights leader, said that they will “occupy” the House floor until a gun control measure is considered and how tears were shed in recounting gun violence victims.

Photo by wfowlkes

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