Accuracy in Media

The Washington Post and CNN fawned over the ongoing resistance by liberal-leaning federal bureaucrats who are openly resisting the new Trump administration. The Washington Post article highlighted an anti-Trump federal workers workshop on how to delay Trump’s actions, it quoted an Obama appointee who criticized Trump, and referred to the State Department internal revolt against Trump’s foreign policy.

CNN’s article, “Going rogue: Bureaucrats find ways to resist Trump,” legitimized the anti-Trump actions of federal employees. It made it appear that federal employees cannot dissent, but did not mention how political appointees operate at the wishes of the presidential administration and that federal employees should not be partisan. They referenced Sally Yates, the fired acting Attorney General over her dissent on enforcing Trump’s refugee vetting executive order, as if federal employees can act on their conscience and not enforce the President’s orders.

If only the liberal media understood that no job is guaranteed in the real world and that federal employees operate at the whim of the sitting President.

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