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Steve Bannon, the much-criticized confidant of President Donald Trump, took a photo with a religious leader and the leader tweeted out the photo. However, the interesting part was that his whiteboard checklist was included in the background of the photo.

The liberal media pounced on the whiteboard checklist and tried to dissect Bannon’s checklist and agenda. CNN’s article headline was, “Steve Bannon’s White House whiteboard revealed,” and NBC News said, “Steven Bannon’s Whiteboard To-Do List Exposed on Twitter by Rabbi.”

What did this photo reveal? The same campaign rhetoric that Trump used:

  • “End Catch and Release” (check mark next to it)
  • “Hire 5,000 more border agents” (check mark next to it)
  • “Build the border wall and eventually make Mexico …” (no check mark)
  • “Triple the number of ICE agents” (check mark next to it)

If the media paid attention to what Bannon and Trump have said in the days leading up to the 2016 election and after Trump’s election, then they would not be so desperate to find out what the checklist said.

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