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Media Defends Fired FBI Director James Comey’s Draft Letter in Clinton Email Investigation

Former FBI director James Comey drafted a letter that reportedly said he would charge Hillary Clinton for her handling of classified information and private e-mail server, according to a new report. That letter was drafted before the investigation was concluded, leading to charges that he decided the outcome before the investigation was complete.

How did the liberal media react? By running to the defense of Comey.

CNN [1] cited several sources that said this is typical of investigations and of Comey, to start writing a draft as the majority of facts are known before the investigation has been concluded.

Newsweek [2] cited a former Obama official to say the same thing, that this is typical operating procedure deep in an investigation.

USA Today‘s headline [3] did not mention how the investigation might have been compromised, instead focusing on Trump’s criticism of the news. It read, “Trump again blasts former FBI director James Comey for ‘rigged’ Hillary Clinton investigation.”