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Let’s take a look at a quick Google search of “Hillary Clinton Benghazi Hearing” and see what happened. You decide if the end was decided from the beginning for the liberal media:

  • Slate: “Hillary Clinton won the Benghazi hearing,” which was published over 2 hours before the hearing ended.
  • USA Today: “Hearing on Benghazi Attacks Leaves Hillary Clinton Largely Unscathed,” published some ten minutes before the hearing actually ended.
  • New York Times: “At Benghazi Hearing, Shouting Match Over Hillary Clinton’s E-mails,” published two hours before the hearing ended.
  • Washington Post: “GOP lands no punches while sparring with Clinton,” published four hours before the hearing ended.
  • Rolling Stone: “5 Absurd Moments from the Hillary Clinton Benghazi Hearing,” published four hours before the hearing ended.
  • Gawker: “Hillary Clinton Smiles Radiantly as Benghazi Hearing Devolves into Flaming Pile of Garbage,” published an hour before the hearing ended.

You decide on whether the liberal media predetermined the outcome before it started, or it was fair reporting.

Hillary Clinton Benghazi Hearing

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