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The liberal news outlets of ABC News, CBS News, CNN and NBC News covered the race spat between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump. Clinton accused Trump of enabling the alt-right and white supremacist movement, while Trump fired back and reminded the media and Democrats of their failed inner-city policies in their voting hotbeds.

But what did the liberal media highlight? The rhetoric, but did not take a hard look at Democrats’ failed inner-city experiments in places such as Baltimore, Chicago and Milwaukee. Although, credit to NBC News for this paragraph:

Clinton’s speech will likely help momentarily distract from revelations about the Clinton Foundation and the private email system she used as secretary of state that have put her on the defensive. And Democrats have been known to play up any whiff of racial discrimination for political gain in the past.

ABC News: Clinton says Trump’s campaign built on ‘prejudice and paranoia’, Trump pre-empts Clinton’s speech.

CBS News: Clinton ‘ties Trump’s campaign to controversial ‘alt-right”, Trump says Clinton ‘should be ashamed’ of remarks.

CNN: Clinton accuses Trump of enabling the alt-right nationalists, Trump responds to Clinton’s accusations.

NBC News articles: Trump accuses Clinton of ‘bullying’ with racism charges, Clinton tries to split GOP with ‘racial wedge’.


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