Accuracy in Media

Charlie Gard, the British infant who suffered from a genetic DNA condition, passed away a week short of his first birthday. The liberal media covered his story, but only after conservatives made it a big issue, and continued to defend socialized medicine and how government bureaucrats can decide the fate of its patients.

Gard had offers to be treated in the Vatican’s hospital and in the United States, but the courts in Europe ruled against it and claimed it was in the best interest of the child. The parents raised $1.8 million to send Charlie for an experimental treatment in the United States, but the British judges blocked it. Time went by due to court decisions and delays, and last week, an expert told both the child’s parents and the court that it was too late to receive experimental treatment and the child should be taken off life support.

The United Kingdom has socialized (i.e. nationalized and government-run) health care, run by the National Health Service (known as NHS). Knowing this, the liberal media softened their tone when describing the controversy around Charlie Gard, his parents and the NHS. In articles at NBC News, CBS News and CNN, the media cited British common law to defend the hospitals and could only say that this was a tricky medical ethics issue.

The media did not point out that this is the end result of single-payer, socialized health care, or otherwise known as government-run health care.

How very biased of you, mainstream liberal media.

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