Accuracy in Media

The liberal media did cover this attack, where a Palestinian truck driver used a truck to run over and kill four Israeli soldiers. One of the soldiers killed was an American citizen and three of the dead were female cadets. The truck driver was shot and killed after he reversed to run over the injured soldiers.

ABC News video report noted how Israeli authorities have had to deal with truck attacks before.

CNN pointed out that Hamas praised the attacker, yet did not claim responsibility.

The New York Times felt the need to blame rising “volatility” on incoming President-Elect Donald Trump:

It also underlined the volatility of the situation at a time when President-elect Donald J. Trump has promised to move the United States Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, a potentially explosive step that American administrations have avoided for decades. Palestinian officials say it would destroy the chances of any peace process by prejudging the outcome, and some have said it would constitute a declaration of war against Palestinians.

Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, said on Friday that the Palestinians would view any such change in the status quo in Jerusalem as the crossing of a red line. Mosque preachers addressed the proposed embassy move in their sermons during Friday prayers, apparently on the instruction of the Palestinian Authority.

The Washington Post said that Israeli authorities believed it was a terrorist attack and it was motivated by an upcoming peace conference in Paris.

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