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President Trump promised, before the Republicans’ American Health Care Act (AHCA) was unveiled recently, that the GOP will come up with an Obamacare replacement plan that will provide “insurance for everybody” (per the Washington Post).

Here are the headlines blasting the GOP and Trump for the AHCA, which will reduce the federal budget deficit and will piece-by-piece dismantle Obamacare:

  • NBC News: Trump’s backing a healthcare plan that breaks his promises
  • TIME: President Trump made 3 big promises on health care. The budget office just undercut all of them
  • Washington Post: Trump said no Americans would lose coverage under Obamacare repeal. Paul Ryan won’t make that promise
  • Huffington Post: 24 million people stand to lose insurance under GOP Obamacare ‘replacement’

Considering how onerous Obamacare was and how insurance companies left state exchanges due to the framework of the law, is it a surprise that “everybody” will not be covered, as President Trump promised?

Still, Trump’s promise has technically been broken in the first step of dismantling Obamacare via the AHCA (the GOP repeal-and-replace plan).

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