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Lee Stranahan,  blogger carried by the Huffington Post (yes, I said that, the Huffington Post), wrote a blog about the coverage on the alleged John Edwards’ affair scandal, or, to be more specific, the lack of coverage on-as he puts it-  “the tsunami-sized scandal for the Democratic Party.”  Evidently Stranathan’s observations didn’t land him in the popular table at lunch today among his liberal counterparts. 

He writes:

How’s it going to play out? It seems to me that this is going to be
a tsunami-sized scandal for the Democratic Party and right now the
coming typhoon of press coverage is close to breaking. We’re at the
point of calm before the big waves hit but there are signs of the
impending deluge. Jay Leno is making jokes about it. Perez Hilton is on
the story. The mainstream media is fairly quiet but the most ominous
silence right now is from the progressive blogosphere.

The progressive blogosphere is ignoring this story at its own peril
because it’s going to be big. At this moment, there’s a weird state of
denial about the entire thing. As of 4pm Saturday, nothing at all on DailyKos did a dismissive post making fun of the
Enquirer. FireDogLake? Nothing. Americablog? Nada. These are some of my
favorite blogs, by the way.

The Huffington Post has at least hovered about the edges of the
story as it’s been unfolding. There have been a couple of half-hearted,
nothing-to-see-here blogs but also news reports on the latest events. A
blog by John McQuaid said
that there’s no “physical evidence a la Bill Clinton.” Well, there’s a
baby. Not a stained dress left to hang in the closest for a few months
but a real cooing, smiling little baby who I assume looks adorable on
camera and probably has nice hair. That lil’ tyke is stuffed full of
DNA, too. Cute little DNA.

Despite what some people are going to say, this is news. A former
Senator and Vice Presidential candidate who was running for President
less than six months ago and is now on the short list for Vice
President has an long affair during the campaign and fathers a child,
covers it up, and then is caught at a hotel with the mother of the
child. News! Oh — and his wife made regular appearances on the
campaign trail and has been diagnosed with cancer. If it were Mitt
Romney, you’d be hearing peels of laughter and the satisfying smacking
sound of Merlot and Starbucks fueled high fives coming from the nearest
blue state. Would it have made the progressive blogs? C’mon, of course
it would…with funny pictures and as many self-satisfied comments as
you can shake a Macbook Air at.

It’s a juicy story that has so many elements that are easy hooks for
those short segments on cable news where two people argue while the
news anchor asks softball questions. Here’s a quick list of all the
story angles I can think of just off the top of my head.

John Edwards Matters This isn’t a Mike Gravel
affair. (Sorry to put that image in your head.) John Edwards been the
conscience of the Democratic Party this primary season and a compelling
presence speaking out on the growing gap between rich and poor. If he
wasn’t going to be Vice President, most Democrats wanted him somewhere
in an Obama cabinet.

Video Clips Galore! Cable news loves showing video
clips, usually in looping montages. Those webisodes that Hunter made
that were taken down? They look flirty and suspicious in light of the
alleged affair.

It’s Fresh The Edwards affair happened during the
primary campaign. This isn’t ancient history. What if he’s WON the
primary? Would he really have taken the nomination and handed the race
to McCain?

Primary Revisionism Will the affair change the way
we look back on the primary? Why did Edwards drop out of the race so
quickly? Why did Edwards not endorse anyone until his endorsement was a
moot point? Endless debates will ensue.

DNA! The press loves any story with DNA. Drama! DNA
test refusals. Acceptance. Test goes out. What will happen? It’s like
Montel Williams but it takes weeks!

Democratic Convention in Denver happening soon. Will Edwards speak? Will he appear at all? What about Elizabeth? Oh, the drama. You’ll see.

“How could he do that to his sick wife?” This whole thing doesn’t play well with women voters. Or women non-voters. Or men.

“Should we care about politician’s sex lives?” Whatever your answer, that’s a hook for the press. As soon as the story
reaches a big tipping point, the mainstream press will question the

“Liberal media bias” – here’s the big one.
Republicans have had a lot of embarrassing, juicy sex scandals of their
own lately and boy, do they want some payback. It doesn’t look good
that the Los Angeles Times banned bloggers from discussing the story. Where’s the Times investigation — seems like the story is in their backyard. And that
silence you hear from the mainstream press right now? The GOP is going
to “play the refs” and jump all over the media for not reporting or
investigating this story. The media will eventually break down and do
what they do – saturate us with the story they missed just to prove how
unbiased they really are.

To view the whole article: here. 

Bush won’t endorse McCain because of the negative backlash involved, so I won’t endorse Stranahan (who’s voting for Obama, anyways).  But at any rate I thought it groundbreaking to see a liberal blogger commenting on the lack of media coverage due to its liberal bias. 

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