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The Los Angeles Times’ recent analysis of U.S.-Mexico relations involves a lot of confusion over what the end result will be between the Trump administration and Mexico. Their headline, “Can Mexico expect less-hostile days after this week’s visit by two Trump secretaries?” already puts the Trump agenda on defense.

The LA Times’ emphasis of a hostile Trump was based off of the perceived lack of “professional” and “constructive” behavior in the White House:

At the moment, “professional” and “constructive” are not the words that emerge when officials here talk about Trump, who has enraged Mexicans across the political and economic spectrum with his incendiary broadsides on trade, immigration and other issues.

But the visit by the Cabinet secretaries appeared to have given Mexico’s beleaguered leadership some reason to believe that less-hostile days may be ahead in relations with the giant and sometimes capricious neighbor to the north.

The only comments that the LA Times could criticize were Trump’s “bad dudes” and “bad hombres” remarks, where Trump said the U.S. military could be used to enforce immigration policy.

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