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LA Times Article Put Story of Black Bloc Protesters at Violent Pro-Trump Rally in Berkeley at the Bottom of the Article

The Los Angeles Times’ headline [1] read, “Violence breaks out at pro-Trump rally in Berkeley,” and buried the story that the ‘black bloc’ protesters were known to have gone to the rally to stir up trouble and violence. Where did they put that information? At the bottom of the article in the last three paragraphs!

The LA Times article also neglected to mention that these black bloc instigators were directly involved in the fighting.

At least some of the counter-protesters appeared to be members of the so-called black bloc, [2] a group that UC Berkeley officials blamed for many of the problems on campus last month.

The self-described anarchists  [3]or anti-fascists have left school and law enforcement officials struggling to cope with their tactics.

The term “black bloc” was used to describe [4] the tight wedges of black-clad protesters in helmets and masks who appeared in street demonstrations in Germany in the 1970s, confounding efforts to single out, identify and prosecute individuals.