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During an interview last Wednesday with Axios’ Mike Allen, Kellyanne Conway said that President Trump “has confidence in the people who work for him,” despite claims by the mainstream media that there are tensions among the Trump team and the president.

The newest claims coming from the mainstream media are that Attorney General Jeff Sessions offered his resignation to President Trump due to rising tensions between the two.

Conway continued “One of the greatest misperceptions about… [Trump’s] White House is that he has a bunch of yes men around him because nobody will tell him no.”  She said this is untrue and that “I’ve seen them in his company and basically I’m like– can I hold you back?” She praised President Trump, saying, “leaders like Donald Trump are unafraid to have people around him who offer very distinct point of views”

When asked how various investigations have affected daily life in the West Wing Conway responded by saying “I would say very little in this way,”  that, no matter the “news cycle,” President Trump moves at a “break-neck pace” to try and get many things done.

Commenting on the allegations of collusion between President Trump and Russia, Conway said “[President Trump] sees that there’s nothing there” and “if you look at everything that’s been said and done we’re back to where we were at the beginning.” She elaborated that “When you turn on the TV and hear Russia, Russia, Russia constantly” and actually listen to the reports “It’s ‘if this’ and ‘if that.”

“That doesn’t seem to be very responsible to me,” Conway averred.  “You can do almost any storyline with ‘if, if, if, if, if.’”

Conway then slammed the mainstream media when asked about recent polls from the Washington Post claiming that 61% of U.S. adults think that President Trump fired Comey to protect himself.  Conway, who had worked as a pollster for a quarter century before joining the Trump White House said that the media misleads people when polling because  “Basically that’s almost like a quiz, not a poll.”

“If you turn on the TV or look at any screen with a headline that’s exactly what you’ve been reading and hearing, you’re basically repeating what you’ve been told all along that he has done that or is doing this,” she said, adding “That doesn’t change any facts. Investigations are about facts.”


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