Accuracy in Media

Not exactly the message that mourning police officers want to hear from the White House, right? From ABC News:

“We’re in a situation where there is a great deal of fear as well as anxiety on both the part of the communities in distress as well as the police,” he told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos today, in the wake of five cops being killed in Dallas and two controversial fatal police-involved shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota.

Biden and President Barack Obama met with major police organizations today.

“They talked about the need for better training. They talked about the need to train in de-escalation. They talked about the need for us to reach out and be more supportive in terms of what we say about the risk they’re taking and they talked about needing to reach out to the communities to acknowledge the fear and apprehension that exist in the communities,” he said. “And I agreed that with the president’s permission that I’m going to reconstitute this meeting 10 to 12 days from now with an agenda and we’re gonna work through the kinds of things that they need help on and what they’re going to do to reach out as well.”

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