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After an unplanned two week hiatus, Justice with Judge Jeanine will return to the airwaves on Saturday according to Sean Hannity.

Hannity’s revelation came during a phone interview with President Trump on Wednesday evening.

Trump:  As many people have said, and fortunately we have had some incredible people that really were fair.  When you mentioned Rush [Limbaugh] or Mark — Mark Levin, or Steve Doocy, and Ainsley [Earhardt] in the morning, and Brian [Kilmeade] and Laura [Ingraham], Jesse [Watters], Jeanine [Pirro] — I hope Jeanine’s back soon.

Hannity:  She’s back Saturday.

Trump:  So many people.  I don’t want to keep going because I’m going to leave out some people.  I could again go so long.  So many great people have been — you know, they get it.

Pirro’s show was taken off the air for two weeks after she questioned whether or not Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) was more loyal to Sharia law than to the U.S. Constitution.  Fox never confirmed the reason for bumping her show saying that they didn’t comment on “Internal scheduling matters.”

Fox loyalists were upset with Pirro’s abrupt disappearance with many threatening to boycott the channel until she returned.

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