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Ivanka Trump Brand Shifting Jewelry Line to More Affordable Price Range

The liberal media covered the news: Ivanka Trump’s jewelry line will no longer offer high-end, expensive jewelry. Instead, they will focus on more affordable prices, which means they will look to make jewelry that is less expensive and the potential to be mass-produced.

CNN noted [1] that this does not signify that her brand is in trouble. Their article said that the shift in jewelry lines is likely more sustainable.

USA Today suggested [2] that this shift is to appeal to more people, now that Ivanka Trump is in the spotlight as an informal advisor to her father, President Donald Trump.

Both CNN and USA Today mentioned how Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway was rebuked by a government ethics office for telling viewers to buy Ivanka Trump’s merchandise. But, CNN brought up how Ivanka Trump was criticized for wearing expensive jewelry during the 2016 campaign cycle.