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The Clinton Foundation was ultimately the downfall of Hillary Clinton’s presidency, including her private e-mail server while serving as the U.S. Secretary of State. It also earned millions of dollars from foreign governments and foreign interests. Obama has set up his own foundation and it appears to be following the money-making path of the Clinton Foundation.

Former president Barack Obama has his own foundation, and the Daily Caller’s Mark Tapscott observed that both the Clinton and Obama foundations started as presidential library foundations. He pointed out that presidential foundations are supposed to stick to building presidential libraries, not fundraising and broad efforts that the Clintons conducted.

But here’s the problem: The “model” in the 1955 law, as well as its subsequent amendments and IRS regulations, focuses only on construction and operation of a presidential library, and says nothing about the vastly broader purposes like those that define the Clinton Foundation and appear set to do so for the Obama non-profit as well.

But, Obama’s foundation appears to be following the same path as the Clintons. Will the Internal Revenue Service investigate Obama’s foundation?

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