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Speaking at a LULAC conference today, Obama sent quite a few mixed messages. of course, not directly, but between the lines.H

He bemoaned the fact – which we all should – that Latino high school drop-out rates are about 50%. Also, he claimed that 1 out 3 Latinos do not have medical insurance.

Although these alarming statistics lack value judgements, Obama was quick to point the finger. What are the causes of this crisis? The good ole U.S of A! We have not practiced “fairness” with our tax and education systems – which I agree with … graduated income tax is unfair. We have not “solved” the health care crisis – which he promises to do before the end of his first term. America is not giving enough “relief” to homeowners. We are not building enough “roads and bridges” which would provide thousands of jobs. We are not erecting “broadband towers” so “everybody” can have internet access.

Now here comes the real irony. At the same time he tells Americans we are not doing enough for Latino fairness, he claims that the Latinos come to this country for same reasons that Europeans originally came here – to fufill a dream that the next generation will be better off. So I guess Americans are to blame for the unfulfilled dreams of the Latino community? Latino Americans can’t get healthcare, the internet, and a diploma because we hold them back? They are victims of a lack of “fairness?”

Obama needs to think through his speeches. He claims the government is not the solution to all problems; yet, he is running on a ticket that proclaims he will “solve” all these discrepencies.


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