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In the view of William Davis Eaton, “if the Democrats didn’t have ABC and CBS and NBC, they’d never get elected. Talk about campaign money! They get hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of free campaigning from their acolytes in the so-called ‘mainstream media.’” To say that Eaton is not your typical person with a Ph.D. from Berkeley in Political Science is an understatement. He also taught there during the 1960s.

In an exclusive interview with AIM earlier this month, Eaton discussed the Tea Party movement, and how the Left has taken over or come to dominate many of the major institutions of democracy. He is the author of the new book Liberal Betrayal of America and the Tea Party Firestorm.

Eaton is also an attorney and professional arbitrator, who has written extensively on legal and constitutional matters, and served as an officer in the Maritime Service and the Air Force Reserve. His previous book, Who Killed the Constitution/The Judges v. the Law, dealt with judicial usurpation of power.

Below, in italics, are excerpts from the interview. You can listen to the entire interview or read the transcript here.

The liberal betrayal was what happened during the “long march”—the takeover, or domination, or destruction, of major institutions of democracy, of the government.  The Supreme Court is a good example: The so-called “living Constitution” that they work on, some of them—Justice Breyer spoke only recently, and very proudly, about it—it’s just the judges making up the law as they go along, and pretending that it came from the Constitution.

The phrase “transformative change” kind of drifted in and out of [Obama’s] speeches as he ran for President, but nobody ever asked him to define it, he never defined it, and nobody paid much attention to it.  “Transformative change”—what was that?  Well, stop and think about it.  What is “transformative change?”  It means to transform the society from what it had been to what he wants it to be, which is something else.  Well, what had it been?  We know what it had been—a free democracy, citizens’ rights and so on, which they now disparage as mere “negative rights.”  All the rights in the Constitution just tell you what the government can’t do to you—we need “positive rights”!  We want a Constitution that says what the government can do, and must do!

I’m very, very skeptical about [Obama’s] “pivoting,” as they say, towards the center.  A revolutionary will do anything that’s required to complete his work, and he told a gathering of his base of support—which is very radical, of course, and the worst of the labor unions and so on and so forth—that this is not a short fight, this is a long fight.  In other words, “Hang on, guys!  We’ve got to fiddle around a little bit until we can get back to work again!”  That’s the way I believe that he thinks.

The liberals have a nasty habit—you remember the fear that we were being subject to a “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy”?  That was simply projection, as the psychologists would call it, of what the liberals themselves were doing, subjecting us to a Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy, which is the whole movement of what I call the civil war.  You have to read things very carefully, and listen to people very carefully, nowadays.

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