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INFOGRAPHIC: Liberal Protesters have Disrupted Fourteen GOP Townhalls So Far

This is a follow-up to our previous post [1] on the disruption of town halls across the nation due to left-wing protesters, who aren’t from the area where the town halls are being held, and where the liberal media praised the protesters for standing up to the Republicans and President Donald Trump. The protesters praise themselves on a MoveOn.org website [2] and at the Town Hall Project [3].

So far, fourteen Republicans have seen their town halls disrupted by left-wing protesters. One Democrat saw his town hall evolve into a shouting match, which he was disappointed by since they were all on the same side, politically. Two Republicans missed town halls and three Republicans canceled theirs in favor of a phone town hall (i.e. conference call town hall).

By our count, here are the states where town halls were held and were disruptive:



We found that three politicians decided to hold a virtual (or “tele”/phone) town hall:

Two U.S. senators were not at a town hall, but it is unclear whether the town hall was organized by the senators or by the activists themselves: