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The Washington Post ran a profile piece of the head of the American Conservative Union, Matt Schlapp, and his wife Mercedes in their Style section yesterday. However, the recurring theme was how the Schlapps felt that Elian Gonzalez was wrongly deported back to Cuba and the Communist regime there.

The Post did not mention how Bill Clinton and his Attorney General Janet Reno made the order to have federal agents to take Elian Gonzalez by force. But they did claim it was ironic, through a quote of an associate of Matt Schlapp named Peter Wehner (and he appears to be a part of the “Never Trump” crowd), that the Schlapps would back a candidate who would allegedly deport millions of people:

It’s hard to square, Wehner said: How can people who believed in Bush align with Trump? They worked for a president who spoke up for “our many Muslim friends” but now bolster a president who ran on keeping Muslims out of the country. The couple who would never have sent Elián back to the commies now support the threatened deportation of millions.

Please, stick to the facts, Washington Post.

Photo by Gage Skidmore

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