Accuracy in Media

In an article by CNN, the plight of Venezuelans is made clear, to include the shortage of basic medicine and medical supplies, lack of food and common toiletries, and money. However, the article did not point out that socialist policies under Nicolas Maduro were to blame, by name.

However, the article did not call the policies under Nicolas Maduro socialist.

The article did point out problems caused by the Maduro regime but did not blame socialism for being the root cause of the problems that Venezuelans face daily.

Here is the sole mention of the word ‘socialist’:

In 2013, Maduro succeeded his mentor, the late President Hugo Chavez, who rode a wave of populist fervor to the presidency in 1999. Despite Venezuela’s vast resources, it had become a nation of deep inequality by the 1990s. Chavez promised to end that with his socialist agenda.

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