Accuracy in Media

It sounds a bit dumb, doesn’t it? Daniela Vargas went to the press and shared her story of how she illegally immigrated to the United States as a seven-year-old child from Argentina, then faces deportation due to her illegal status being known to authorities.

You can’t make this up:

Attorneys for Daniela Vargas, a young “Dreamer” who was detained by immigration agents in Mississippi after speaking to the media about her family’s plight, say they are racing against the clock to prevent her from being deported without a court hearing…

Vargas’ family entered the country through the visa waiver program, which allows certain foreign nationals to enter the U.S. for under 90 days without a visa. According to Peterson, federal authorities maintain that by staying longer than the waiver allowed, her family waived some of their rights and became ineligible for an immigration hearing.

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