Accuracy in Media

I’m tired of hearing about Barack Obama’s latest ‘hope and change’ monologue, I’m tired of seeing Michelle Obama on vacuous entertainment magazines, and I’m tired of the promises of a new kind of politics mixed with the reality of an old kind of mudslinging. 

In short, I want more McCain. 


I want to hear him talk about how his extensive military experience, and his ugly POW days, help him to understand the brutalities of maintaining the war in Iraq and give him the insight to better understand how to handle a war.  I want to hear him talk about his time as a Senator for Arizona for over 20 years, and how his involvement in the political system makes him a solid political player capable of handling a presidency. I want to know more about Cindy McCain, the all-but-invisible wife we hear nothing from, and know nothing about.  To date, all that’s evident is that she’s younger than John, classy, and good-looking.  When does Cindy go on The View?  When do we get to know more about her? 


The bad news is, McCain had a solid three months while Hillary and Obama duked it out that he wasted.  Mostly quiet, he didn’t utilize the opportunity as the Republican candidate to build the base he could have.  The good news is, it looks like he’s stepping up the campaign front.  Hopefully we get to see some improvements in his public speaking ability, hopefully he comes out swinging on some of the more important political issues du jour- gas prices, etc.  At the end of the day however, I want to hear more about McCain.  I want to see starry-eyed reporters worshipping his every move like the liberal media has done for Obama; I want to see more of Cindy; and I want to see him bank on his experience to effectively market the qualifications he brings to the table. 

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