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Let’s get one thing straight: an American Messiah probably wouldn’t have listened to Jeremiah Wright all those years without throwing down some tables in the courtyard of the church.  Politics isn’t the best choice of profession for a Messiah either, but carpentry seems pretty widely accepted as a solid stepping stone.  On the other hand, Jesus did hang out with tax collectors and (reformed) prostitutes; Obama has friends like Bill Ayers and Tony Rezko.   Yet when Jesus was 13, he wowed biblical scholars with his understanding of complex theology- Obama hasn’t shown that yet.  In fact, just the opposite…


Dave Weldon wrote the following in a piece entitled “Obama is Just Another Politician”: 

What we know about the mind
of Barack Obama today is not encouraging.  There are gaping holes in
his basic knowledge of history, government and economics.  He said that
Arabic was the language of Afghanistan.  He said that the United States
has 57 states.  He said that Canada has a president, instead of a prime
minister. He doesn’t understand the Joint Chiefs of Staff do not convey
his orders to the command structure. But this sort of profound
ignorance never affects candidates who appeal to emotion and not to
intellect, which is to say, most politicians.  And Barack Obama is
nothing more than another politician.

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Obama’s not showing the same kind of understanding I want to see from my Messiah figures.  Or come to think of it, from my presidents either. 

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