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Hillary Clinton Wins California Primary, New York Times Gushes Over Her

Read the following paragraph from a leading New York Times piece [1] on Hillary Clinton’s primary win in California, which guarantees her nomination due to the delegates and superdelegates count:

With the 14-month Democratic race nearing a close, Mrs. Clinton savored the biggest night of her extraordinary journey [2] from lawyer, wife and first lady to senator, secretary of state and, now, the first woman to win a major party’s nomination. At a rally in Brooklyn, she took the stage with her hands clasped over her heart in gratitude, then threw open her arms in joy and savored a long moment as a jubilant crowd waved American flags and chanted “Hillary.”

Reaching for history, Mrs. Clinton pledged to build on the achievements of pioneers like the 19th-century leaders at Seneca Falls, N.Y., who began the fight for women’s rights in America.