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The liberal media’s 2016 presidential candidate darling, Hillary Clinton, is relitigating the 2016 election, which she lost to then-underdog GOP challenger Donald Trump, through a book tour. The tour highlights her new book, “What Happened,” and includes a trip to Wisconsin, a state she never campaigned in during the 2016 cycle, as well as additional fees to meet with her.

Her publisher has given several excerpts to the media to promote the book, as is customary with new books in a social media-driven public relations age. However, many of the excerpts focus on blaming people not named Hillary Clinton.

Who has she blamed?

  • Joe Biden, who criticized her for not reaching out or talking about blue-collar white workers, which voting group went overwhelmingly for Trump.
  • Barack Obama, who allegedly told Clinton not to fight back against primary challenger (and avowed socialist) Bernie Sanders.
  • Bernie Sanders, a politician who used much harsh rhetoric against her during the Democratic Party’s presidential primary.

The liberal media obliged in airing excerpts of the book, which appears to consist of a lot of griping by Hillary Clinton.

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