Accuracy in Media

Yet she won’t release transcripts of her speeches to Wall Street firms. Huh? Also, the liberal media won’t call her out for that part of her recent past. Hypocrites, or nah?

Hillary Clinton told supporters in Ohio on Tuesday that Donald Trump would be dangerous for the economy and that just because he has spent his life as a businessman, voters shouldn’t assume he’s prepared to be president.

“Trump would take us back to where we were before the crisis. He’d rig the economy for Wall Street again. Well, that will not happen on my watch,” the presumptive Democratic nominee said, referring to Trump’s plan to “wipe out the tough rules” put on big banks after the 2008 recession.

Clinton mentioned Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren numerous times in the speech and praised Warren’s role in creating the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which Trump has said he would dismantle.

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