Accuracy in Media

Interesting commentary from Jay Caruso over at Conservative Review. Worth a read:

The issue of the running mate has always fascinated the press and politicos. It is something they can discuss ad nauseam. Questions abound such as, “Will so and so help in this state?” and “Will people be thinking about so and so when they walk into the voting booth in November?” “How does so and so balance out the ticket?”

All of these questions get asked. Whoever the VP choice is becomes the media focus for about a week. Unless your name is Sarah Palin. Then the press obsesses over you every day from the date of announcement until Election Day, digging into every aspect of your past up to and including being able to find a 1988 clip where Palin was an Anchorage sports reporter. In the meantime, the same media couldn’t seem to find Barack Obama’s college grades, but I digress.

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