Accuracy in Media

Sean Davis, who is a great read at The Federalist, is taking the liberal media types, such as those at CNN, to task over their perception of gun laws:

CNN published on Tuesday a comprehensive update on the fatal shooting of Keith Lamont Scott by police in Charlotte, North Carolina. The article, entitled “Keith Scott Shooting: What we know a week later” and written by CNN reporters Catherine Shoichet and Polo Sandoval, purports to tell readers all of the relevant facts surrounding the shooting. Unfortunately, the CNN report leaves out some vital facts while wildly misstating or misrepresenting others.

The most glaring omission in the report is any mention that police witnessed Scott in possession of illegal drugs. That fact is key, because Scott’s simultaneous possession of a firearm and use of illegal drugs is a glaring violation of both state and federal law. When police initially witnessed Scott in possession of marijuana, which is illegal under both federal law and North Carolina law, they chose to ignore it, because they were in the area to serve a warrant on a separate individual. He was not a priority at that time. Police did not move in on Scott until they also witnessed him brandishing a gun while under the influence of illegal drugs.

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