Accuracy in Media

Words matter. Activist Jeff Folloder took issue with how his conversations with the New York Times’ Alan Berlow were printed out of context:

Here’s how Berlow characterized his conversation with Folloder in hisNew York Times piece published earlier this week:

Jeff Folloder, the executive director of the N.F.A. Trade and Collectors Association, says his members have learned to live with gun registration and lose no sleep worrying about confiscation. “There are still an enormous number of people who think if they register and purchase an N.F.A. weapon, they’re giving A.T.F. permission to come knock on their door at any time, and that’s just not true,” Mr. Folloder told me. “You’re not giving up any rights.”

Folloder takes great issue with Berlow’s characterization of their conversation.

Photo by untransigent

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