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Group Pushes Against Proposal to Raise Gas Tax

Two organizations affiliated with the Koch political advocacy network, Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce and Americans for Prosperity, published a report [1] on the negative effects of a proposed federal gas tax hike that has been pushed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Media coverage of the gas tax has varied, ranging from CNBC reports pointing out the proposal’s additional tax burden on American households to mainstream media outlets pivoting to the talking point on the need for infrastructure spending.

The joint report pointed out the following key points:

Retiring Rep. Bill Shuster (R.-Pa.) has promoted the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s proposed 25-cent tax hike as a way to rebuild America’s infrastructure (i.e. roads and bridges). He also said that 100 percent of the federal gas tax would go to the intended projects, which is hard to back up considering some states raid [2] their transportation and infrastructure funds to plug budget gaps in state funds, as this report detailed.