Accuracy in Media

Glamour, a magazine that discusses fashion and other pop culture issues, recently heralded its top candidates to receive the 2017 ‘Women of the Year’ award. However, not a single conservative woman was on the list:

By now, conservative women are used to women’s magazines ignoring their historic accomplishments. Being the first female to run a winning presidential campaign? Doesn’t count if your candidate is Donald Trump. Being the first group of women to lead the White House communications team? Hardly worth the ad revenue. Being the first woman to publicly file a sexual harassment lawsuit against Fox News, opening the door for more women to say #MeToo? Negligible.

So when Glamour magazine announced its “2017 Women of the Year Awards,” it was hardly surprising that not a single conservative or Republican woman was represented. Instead, the list was packed with liberal celebrities and activists such as Samantha Bee, Rep. Maxine Waters, and the organizers of the Women’s March.

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