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Many facts of Benghazi-gate continue to elude the American public. For example, where was President Obama when the consulate was being attacked? Why did the smoking gun memo apparently not reach Secretary of State Hillary Clinton? Who knew the facts on the ground, and when, and will anyone be held accountable for this mistake?

Catherine Herridge, the Chief Intelligence Correspondent for FOX News, says she is dedicated to finding out what happened in Benghazi, Libya as a way to honor the victims of this attack. “People asked me six months later why I persist in reporting the Benghazi story, and I can only speak for myself, but I don’t believe there’s been meaningful accountability for the murder of those four Americans,” said Herridge, winner of this year’s Accuracy in Media Reed Irvine Award for investigative journalism, presented on March 14 at CPAC. “And they’re dead,” she added. “And there’s nothing we can do to bring them back, except honor them with the facts of what happened.” Herridge referred to a story she wrote on the number wounded in the Benghazi attack that was published the day after the AIM event.

“And that’s not a conservative issue, or a liberal issue, that is the function of the Fourth Estate in a democracy,” she told the crowd.

Herridge congratulated The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Daily Beast for their reporting on this attack, not letting the Administration cover up the facts or blame the incident on an anti-Islam video. “And you can argue that they [The New York Times] were late to the game, but I was glad they got in the game,” said Herridge. She said there hasn’t been a lot of transparency from the Administration but “I think I think even without the communications we already know that the majority view was that it was a terrorist attack.”

“And I was stopped not that long ago by a woman whose family is a military family,” recounted Herridge. “And she took my arm and she said to me you need to keep going because I keep thinking about those SEALs, and that in the final hours of their lives they felt betrayed by their own country because they were left behind.”

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