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Fox News unveiled a new marketing slogan to remind Madison Avenue of the dominance of the cable news channel and to try and change the perception that the network is for conservatives only.

The new slogan, “America is Watching,” depicts a map of the United States and shows that Fox News is the most-watched cable news channel in both red and blue sections of the country.

“The opinion programming is incredibly popular, and steals the bigger part of the headlines,”  Jason Klarman, a consultant who has been working with Fox News and who is supervising the marketing effort told Variety, but “literally more than two-thirds of the millions of people who come in and check out the channel every day are coming for the news programming.”

The change comes at a time when FNC’s parent company 21st Century Fox is finalizing the sale of the bulk of its assets to the Walt Disney Co.  After the sale is complete the remaining company, known as Fox Corporation will consist of Fox News, Fox Business Network–which is gaining in popularity, Fox Sports and Fox Broadcasting. Fox News currently contributes about 20% of the profits to 21st Century Fox and the new company will become more reliant on the network after the sale to drive profits.

Fox News channel is estimated to have taken in $1.02 billion in net advertising revenue in 2018 and it is expected to climb to $1.07 billion in 2019, according to market research firm Kagan which is a part of S&P Global Intelligence.

Cable news networks have seen an increase in viewership and advertising revenue since Trump took office, and as the most-watched cable news network, Fox is able to capture a larger piece of advertising dollars.

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